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Tips and tricks – Activate SMS after changing the Telekom tariff

Fascinating what happens to you after you change tariffs with Deutsche Telekom. Why? To activate sms functionality is no longer possible. Here is the whole story.

Let’s forget the fact that Deutsche Telekom tried to sell us a cancellation of the tariff before we signed the contract. Let’s also forget that the conversation with the hotline employee, who was really very eager but visibly overtaxed, lasted over 60 minutes.

It was annoying that many functions had to be reset manually. This was also the case with SMS acceptance.

Tips and Tricks – Activate SMS

After switching from MagentaMobilM to MagentaMobilS, SMS / MMS could no longer be received. A search on the net brought the following, working solution to the problem:

This is how you activate the reception of SMS and MMS on your mobile phone with Telekom:

Enter the code *222# on your telephone number keypad.
Then press the button to call.
You will receive a message that SMS has been activated.

If you know it, it is quickly solved.

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