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The ultimate barefoot walking expierence with Leguano shoes

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In the search for a replacement for my sneakers I found leguano shoes by chance and bought them spontaneously and did not regret it.

Leguano shoes

In the course of one week I covered about 100km with the leguanos. It was and is a great feeling – almost barefoot – to walk on changing ground (forest, sand, sea, asphalt). The shoes are light and comfortable to wear and indeed give you the feeling of walking barefoot. However, it takes some time to get used to the ball course. After a 20 km march through sand and stone I actually had a thick bladder on the ball of my foot besides sore muscles, but this should not diminish the positive experience. Running, jogging and driving are no problem with leguanos.

All about barefoot walking*

The shoes were bought in a leguano store on Sylt. The consultation was detailed and competent and the shoes could be tried out on site on different surfaces. Leguanos are available in various trendy shapes and colours. A purchase can be recommended without restriction.


leguano shoes follow the trend back to barefoot walking and natural running. Walking is actually the easiest and most natural thing in the world. It keeps fit, young and the entire musculoskeletal system healthy. But only if we move in a natural way, barefoot! In recent decades, however, running shoes have been equipped with ever newer technologies and have become ever more complex as a result. Running shoes have taken on many tasks that used to be the responsibility of the feet. More cushioning, more stabilization, less running sensation.

With leguano barefoot shoes you run differently, namely like Natural Runner run. The heel and forefoot come up almost at the same time, so that the foot rest is much flatter. This running style is more strenuous for us, because the impact load is cushioned by the whole musculoskeletal system.

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