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Are you looking for the best Qi charging station for your iPhone?

Ever since the new iPhones made wireless charging possible, the market for QI charging stations has been booming. With the Anker Wireless Charger PowerWave 10 Anker has one of the best QI charging station for your iPhone in its range. We show you the advantages and disadvantages in detail.

Are you looking for the best Qi charging station for your iPhone?

Anker offers the Anker Wireless Charger PowerWave 10* charging station as a station for Qi-enabled smartphones. The charging stand has been available for about 8 months. We also use the Anker Wireless Are you looking for the best Qi charging station for your iPhone? - Travel Food and LeisureCharger PowerWave 10 Charging Stand to charge an iPhone X and have also connected a charging pad for an iWatch to one of the USB ports. For us a worthwhile purchase for the following reasons,

  • the charging process is fast and safe and absolutely reliable,
  • our iPhone X is protected by a carbon shell – this is no problem,
  • the desk has finally been freed from annoying cable clutter.

What does the Anker Wireless Charger PowerWave 10 charging station offer

Anker has built a state-of-the-art chipset into the wireless charger PowerWave 10*, which guarantees 10W charges for Samsung and 7.5W charges for iPhones according to the product description. Allegedly the Are you looking for the best Qi charging station for your iPhone? - Travel Food and Leisurefastest possible charges ever. Helpful are the two dual USB-A inputs with which you can easily charge other devices. The USB inputs have a total output of 12W. The smartphone can be charged vertically or Are you looking for the best Qi charging station for your iPhone? - Travel Food and Leisurehorizontally. This is perfect if you want to use videos, messages or e-mails in parallel. We use it during charging mainly for face time conversations. The PowerWave technology charges your phone through the phone case (up to 5mm). Our used carbon cover is no problem.

Another point that convinced us are the built-in safety features. The charging station offers short circuit protection, over voltage protection and temperature regulation. This is noticeable in daily use. The iPhone X stands on the charging stand all day long and doesn’t get hot, for example. Features that convinced us.

What do buyers say about the Anker Wireless Charger PowerWave 10 charging station?

At Amazon there are 10 reviews so far. Achieved are 4.1 of 5 stars. 

Praise is given for the workmanship and quality of the product. We can agree with that. Criticized were the too bright LED and an occasional buzzing of the station when nothing is on. As the charging stand is located in our office, this does not bother us and we have not been able to detect a buzzing sound.

What exactly is Qi Wireless?

The charging standard “Qi” or “Qi Wireless Charging” was developed by the Wireless Power Consortium in 2008. The word “Qi” comes from the Chinese language and means “life energy”. This technology enables the transmission of energy over short distances. The technology has become particularly popular with smartphones.

Smartphones can be charged using the Qi standard by using a charging station as a transmitter and a corresponding receiver built into the mobile phone. The energy or current is then transferred inductively between two coils. This also involves the exchange of data, which is used to regulate and optimise the process. In this way it can be determined at any time whether a device is on the charging station and whether the battery needs charging. If the device is fully charged or too far away from the station, the process is interrupted. 

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