Llaut Palace
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The Llaut Palace at the Playa de Palma in a review

Playa de Palma is one of the most popular places on the island. Easy to reach, close to the airport, close to Palma and a great sandy bay, these are the points the Playa can offer. Opened at the end of 2016, Hotel Llaut Palace is a new generation of hotels at Playa de Palma. Modern and luxurious, it invites you to linger. What does the Llaut Palace offer its guests?

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Great Majorcan cuisine in the restaurant Mesón Ca’n Pedro

For more than 40 years the restaurant Mesón Ca’n Pedro has been spoiling its guests with typical Mallorcan dishes. The price and quality are right. These factors make the restaurant Mesón Ca’n Pedro a popular meeting place for locals and tourists.