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Celler Sa Premsa – a typical Mallorcan restaurant with traditional cuisine

Celler Sa Premsa in Palma serves typical Mallorcan dishes in the style of a wine cellar in a rustic setting. And this very successfully, because Celler Sa Premsa has been around for over 60 years. We also visit the restaurant during almost every stay on the island. We are fascinated by the charm of the restaurant, the great value for money and the atmosphere.

The Celler Sa Premsa

The special charm is reflected in the rustic furnishings of the restaurant. Cosy and simple wooden tables framed by old barrels characterize the picture. The old yellowed newspapers on the wall and the special charm of the service staff go well with this. This also applies to the menu, which offers a colourful mix of Spanish and Mallorcan dishes. This is rounded off with a nice selection of drinks.

The guest can expect a typical, down-to-earth cuisine without big frills. If you are looking for haute cuisine, you are in the wrong place. The service is fast and well-rehearsed. The waiting times are short. Exactly this is the attraction for us. It tastes good and the prices are very moderate. For us the Celler Sa Premsa is a welcome change to the many modern tapas bars of the city. The Celler Sa Premsa is popular with locals as well as tourists. Therefore a reservation is advisable.

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