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A must for all lovers of fresh seafood – Chokka Block in St. Francis Bay

The restaurant Chokka Block in St. Francis Bay is the first place to go for all lovers and fans of perfectly prepared freshly caught fish. Owner Clive Canter, who previously worked for 30 years in the seafood industry and as a chef, bought the restaurant in 2016 and set himself the goal of helping St. Francis’ number one export hit, the Chokka ( Calamari ), to shine again.

The Chokka Block at a Glance

The Mauritian-born Clive has succeeded perfectly. Clive´s Chokka Block Restaurant has become the hotspot for all Chokka lovers. Clive and his team serve Chokkas in different variations. Special attention is paid to the quality and freshness of the product used. You can taste it. The Chokkas are prepared to the point and taste excellent. The tartar sauce served with them also goes very well with them. 

The Chokka Block is just one of only three restaurants in St. Francis Bay serving local calamari. “Very few South African squid end up in local shops and restaurants,” Clive says regretfully on demand. “Although Chokkas are one of the tastiest calamari in the world. Everything is exported, especially to Europe, where you are willing to pay the highest prices. South Africa, on the other hand, imports squid of inferior quality at lower cost, “

The rich menu is complemented by dishes of the day. We had fresh sole and Chicken Mozambique as main course. Both dishes were also very good and are highly recommended, and the service is very friendly and helpful. If you have a wish you only have to turn over the two-coloured cone standing on the table and a waiter appears immediately. The system is not only original, but also effective. Clive is also always present and is there to help with advice and action when it comes to questions about the menu or individual dishes. The Chokka Block is very popular and a timely reservation is necessary.

The TFL Conclusion

The Chokka Block in St. Francis Bay is a must for all lovers of fresh seafood. Quality of food and service are very good and the price/performance ratio is excellent. Who should be in the region, should make a stop in the Chokka Block.

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