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Gillette Heated Razor – enjoy your luxury shaving experience

Wet shaving is the trend. Wet shaving accounts for more than 2/3 of sales in the 500 million euro market for shavers. The market is dominated by the two large suppliers, Gillette and Wilkinson, who try to shield the market as much as possible so that newcomers have little or no chance. With the Gillette Heated Razor, Gillette promises its customers a special shaving experience. What is the Gillette Heated Razor and is it worth buying?

Gillette Heated Razor – the idea 

The Gillette Heated Razor is the first Gillette product to be designed and developed entirely at P&G’s research and innovation site in Kronberg, Germany, P&G’s global competence center for electromechanics. This is backed by more than three years of research and development in Kronberg with a team of around 40 experts. The innovative product has already been awarded the audience award at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2019.

At the heart of the Gillette Heated Razor, and at the same time its innovation, is the heatable heat strip in the razor’s blade head, which is intended to provide a luxurious feeling on the skin.

Because heat has always played an important role in shaving: for centuries, barbers have pampered their customers with hot cloths before they put on the blade. This not only makes the skin supple, but also softens the hair and opens the pores.

The heat not only contributes to a relaxing moment of well-being, but also prepares the skin and beard hairs optimally for shaving. According to consumer research by Gillette, 54 percent of all men who shave wet hold their razor under hot water before shaving. Twenty-five percent shave directly in the shower and 37 percent shave immediately afterwards. 15 percent warm their face with a warm towel before shaving. (Source: Gillette press release

Gillette takes advantage of this behavior and creates with the Gillette Heated Razor a product that provides a pleasant and pleasant shaving experience.

In addition to the innovative warmth function, the Gillette Heated Razor is also designed to offer an outstanding shaving result, as five blades are used to tackle beard growth. The razor is also waterproof and can therefore also be used in the shower without any problems. A nicely designed wireless charging function supplies the device with power.   

Gillette Heated Razor – why should I buy it? 

Shaving can be much more than a tiresome duty in the morning: Why not start the day with a little pampering? If you start the day with a wellness unit in your own bathroom, for example, you can look forward to the coming challenges with more composure. Gillette is trying to fill this gap with its luxury product and create a new trend.

In terms of price, the Gillette Heated Razor is definitely in the luxury segment. The razor is available in the Gillette Online Shop since August 2019. The Gillette Heated Razor starts at EUR 199.00. Interchangeable blades in an 8-pack cost EUR 49.00. The Gillette Heated Razor can also be pre-ordered at Amazon Germany* and will be available from 27 February 2020.

The blog Barber Trends has already published a test and found that shaving with the Gillette Heated Razor is thorough and the skin feels smooth as usual. However, a smoother shave result could not be found with the Heated Razor or five-blade technology compared to other Gillette innovations.

However, it is also noted that handmade razors or luxury shaving brushes are also entering similar price ranges, which on the one hand puts the price of the Gillette Heated Razor in a different light and on the other hand Gillette provides an innovative alternative for the mass market.

In the Gillette Online Shop there are 31 ratings for the Heated Razor with a result of 4.2/5 = approx. 84% (as of 31.12.2019). Most buyers praise the shaving result and the pleasant feeling. However, criticism is also voiced about the price of the device. 

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The target group for the Gillette Heated Razor

It’s a difficult question. Basically, people who like to treat themselves to luxury and hi-tech are eligible. They may find that the Gillette Heated Razor has something special that meets their needs. But also people who simply want to enjoy moments of well-being through a warmth experience and are looking for an all-in-one solution could be enthusiastic about the Gillette Heated Razor.

Gillette Heated Razor – the conclusion 

Gillette has definitely succeeded in transforming wet shaving into the world of luxury and wellness in a very comfortable and innovative way. The question of whether such a product is really needed is as vague as the question of whether a latest-generation iPhone is really necessary to make a phone call or whether a simple mobile phone is not sufficient.

Hats off to the strategists at Procter & Gamble, because in any case the Gillette Heated Razor will provide the group with excellent profit margins, as is the case with most products in the luxury segment. 

Last but not least, the question remains: What comes after that? Do we perhaps have here the first type of “smart” wet shaver, which in the next stage of expansion will be equipped with sensors and will transfer the result of the shave to an app for us (and Gillette)? 

We’ll stay on it.

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