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Hotel Lighthouse by Brown – not the best place for an overnight stay in Tel Aviv

Israel, is young, modern, and innovative, yet steeped in history like almost all countries in the eastern Mediterranean. Tel Aviv in particular, the former suburb of the port city of Jaffa, has become a hotspot for young people, students, and cosmopolitan travelers. In addition, Tel Aviv is a modern business city with a multitude of start-ups. As a business and tourist city, Tel Aviv offers a wide range of hotels and restaurants like the Lighthouse by Brown. What they all have in common is that the price level is consistently higher than in Germany. ( book tours in Tel Aviv )*

Lighthouse by Brown

The 4-star hotel Lighthouse by Brown was tested in the center of Tel Aviv. The hotel is located relatively centrally in Ben Yehuda street, approx. 200m from the sea. The approximately 15 story building was renovated at the time of the visit. The hotel is located on a busy road with a bus stop in front of the hotel.  The entrance area is kept in dark tones and designed comfortably. Reception and bar are right at the entrance


A standard room on the 7th floor was occupied. The price was about 250€/night without breakfast. From the principal, the room was spacious and in order. The double bed was comfortable and the furnishings practical. Television, air conditioning, minibar were present. However, the room had a number of shortcomings:

  • The room was very sensitive, if the toilet flushing was operated in one of the neighbouring rooms, there was a loud, machine-gun-like drum sound for approx. 20 seconds.
  • The bathroom wasn’t really clean. Behind the toilet the plaster looked out.
  • Various pieces of furniture had places and looked worn out
  • The doors are thin, the noise from the corridor arrived almost unfiltered.
  • The safe didn’t work.


Service and reception in the hotel were friendly and endeavored. 


The corridors in the hotel are poorly lit and appear gloomy due to the dark color. The Roof Top Bar was open. It can be reached via the neighboring building on the left and is an absolute recommendation. Great music and drinks for the end of the evening. Breakfast can be left out, as there is a coffee shop right next to the hotel.


The Lighthouse by Brown does not deserve a recommendation but disappoints all along the line. ( Book your hotel here..)*

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