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Restaurants in New York – our favorites

New York is the hot spot for everyone who loves good food.  However, the mass of restaurants in New York makes it easy to lose track of things. There are a lot of tips about which restaurants are trendy in New York or which should be visited.

We spent four days in New York and stayed near Times Square. Below we have listed the restaurants we visited in New York. 

Restaurants in New York – Diner

Since breakfast in most hotels is rather average and also expensive, dinner and breakfast cafés were our first point of contact.

Tick Tock Diner

Restaurants in New York - our favorites - Travel Food and Leisure

The Tick Tock Diner is located at 481 Eighth Ave at the Wyndham Hotel. Next door is Penn Station with lines A,C,E. 

The Tick Tock is recommended by many travel guides and blogs and, despite its size of 280 seats, is always very well visited. We had breakfast in the Tick Tock on a weekday around 9.00 o’clock. 

The rich menu, influenced by Italian, Greek and Tex-Mexican dishes, offers a wide selection of omelettes, fresh eggs of all kinds, pancakes, Belgian waffles and French toast. The dishes are served at any time of the day.

We had an omelet with ham and hash browns and a club sandwich. The portions were big and tasty. The price is about USD 13 – 15 per portion. The coffee was typically American and is generously replenished. 

The service was very professional, friendly and fast.

Conclusion: Very touristy but worthwhile. Nice furnishings, good food and service. 

Murray Hill Diner

Restaurants in New York - our favorites - Travel Food and Leisure

The Murray Hill Diner is located in 222 Lexington Ave in the Murray Hill district of the same name, relatively close to the UN. 

Murray Hill shines with its typical American Diner architecture. You take a seat at classic benches with tables for 2 to 4 persons. The Diner is popular and very well visited. For New Yorker conditions the prices are quite favorable (approx. USD 12 per portion). The Murray Hill is not situated on a tourist route, so that one also meets many locals here.

We had a Murray Hill Classic omelette with ham and cheese and a chicken sandwich. The portions were big enough, the omelette was tasty and the french fries were crispy, thin. The chicken sandwich was also tasty.

The service was a bit sluggish but very friendly. There are deductions for the sanitary facilities, which are old and dingy.

Conclusion: Very familiar, inexpensive and typically American. Worth a recommendation

Restaurants in New York – Dinner

Don Antonio

Restaurants in New York - our favorites - Travel Food and Leisure

The Don Antonio is located at 309 W 50th Street and was a recommendation of our concierge. It is a typical pizzeria with Italian flair. Highlight is certainly the big stone oven in which the pizzas are baked. The Don Antonio is popular and well visited. Waiting times should be planned on weekends.

On the menu you will find a range of classic pizzas as well as antipasti and pasta. The pizzas we ordered were large, crispy and tasty. Various toppings can also be ordered, and gluten-free pizzas are also available. The price of the pizzas ranges between USD 15 – 20. A glass of wine costs about USD 12 – 20. The service was fast and very attentive.

Conclusion: A neat Italian restaurant with great pizzas from the stone oven and a good price/performance ratio. 

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Black Iron Burger

Restaurants in New York - our favorites - Travel Food and Leisure

The Black Iron Burger is located at 245 W 38th Street and is one of the restaurants in New York that should be visited. This was also a recommendation of our concierge. The Black Iron is one of the top locations in Manhattan and has received many awards. The Black Iron is accordingly popular and full.

The Black Iron Burger first opened its doors in 2008 in the East Village of Manhattan, offering classic American burgers and Mediterranean dishes. The interior is a mixture of burgers and sports bar and is kept in dark tones. The dining area is elongated and the guest can sit at 4 or 6 tables as well as 2 high tables.

The highlight are the burgers. Perfectly grilled, juicy and tasty. This also applies to the crispy French fries. We recommend the Black Iron Burger, which can be ordered in different variations. The menu also offers a large selection of beers. The Brooklyn Lager is recommended.

The service is very friendly and fast and highly committed. During our visit the Black Iron was very crowded and there was a longer waiting time. Without much fuss there was a drink on the house. A burger costs between 12 and 20 USD and that is absolutely justified. The only downer is that it is extremely loud in the Black Iron and a conversation is sometimes difficult.

Conclusion: A top burger that should be at the top of the list during a visit to New York.


Kesté Pizza & Vino

Restaurants in New York - our favorites - Travel Food and Leisure

The Kesté is located in Greenwich Village at 271 Bleecker Street. Don Antonio and Kesté are owned by the same operator, so the menu and food philosophy are similar. A small menu offers Italian and Mediterranean dishes.

The highlight here are also the pizzas from the stone oven. In terms of price, they are between 15 and 25 USD rather at the upper end. Beer and wine are more expensive than in Don Antonio. A glass of red wine easily costs 15 USD. The chosen calzone was excellent and make the Kesté a recommendation. The service was very friendly and helpful.

The Kesté is relatively small and lies in the middle of Greenwich Village. It is worth a visit just because of the atmosphere in this part of town.

Conclusion: A very nice Italian restaurant with excellent pizzas in the great Greenwich Village district.

Restaurants in New York - our favorites - Travel Food and Leisure


West Side Steakhouse

Restaurants in New York - our favorites - Travel Food and Leisure

The West Side Steakhouse is located on 597 10th Avenue in Hell´s Kitchen, about 15 minutes walk from Times Square. For us the West Side was a coincidence. We didn’t want to walk too far, eat too expensive and get to know the district Hell´s Kitchen. The West Side turned out to be a great find and a restaurant in New York, which we should visit.

The West Side is rather small and very well visited. You take a seat at comfortable tables inside as well as outside. The service was friendly, pleasant and unobtrusive. The steaks were a positive surprise. The Ribeye on the bone was roasted to the point and tender as butter. The chips were crispy and tasty. Only the sauce Bérnaise was too watery for us. The small wine list offers a range of wines at fair prices. For a steak you have to calculate between 25 – 30 USD, the wine was inexpensive with USD 13 by New York standards. 

Conclusion: Who wants to eat good steaks in a nice atmosphere is right here and at a very good price-performance ratio.

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