The perfect address for fish and seafood in Amsterdam – Visaandeschelde

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Fisch und Meeresfrüchte in Amsterdam

You want to go to Amsterdam or are just there and are looking for the perfect place to eat fish and seafood in Amsterdam? We have the right restaurant for you, the Visaandeschelde. We were there in February 2020 and were thrilled.

Fish and seafood in Amsterdam – the Visaandeschelde restaurant on trial

The restaurant is classically designed in blue and white. The dining room is rather plain and divided into 2 sections. Coats and jackets are handed in at the reception and the guest is directed to the table.

Then the culinary adventure begins. You can either choose the menu from the lavish menu or select your dishes individually. The service staff will help you with your choice. The wine list is well sorted – rely on the recommendation of the sommelier.

You will start with an amuse gueule. As a starter we recommend bouillabaisse or sushi. All fish dishes are prepared with a great variety of flavours. So the tuna fillets were a great meal.

The bottom line is a great evening and a feast for fish lovers. The food and service are top notch. This also applies to the price. Per person you have to calculate with 50 – 70 Euro.

Fish and seafood in Amsterdam are popular. In addition, the restaurant is close to the RAI fair and is also very busy during the week. Reservations are essential – even during the week.

The Visaandeschelde is rated 4,5 of 5 stars by Google ( 333 reviews )

Visaandeschelde – the Facts

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