WOC Bags are the current megatrend in the fashion world and your perfect companions!

WOC Bags
WOC Bags

WOC Bags or “Wallet on Chain” Bags are the current megatrend in the fashion world. If you have never heard of WOC Bags before, we will bring you up to date here. A WOC bag is one of the most popular styles in the handbag universe. WOC Bags are indisputably elegant, versatile and perfectly representative. WOC Bags are strictly speaking purses with chains or straps that can be thrown over your shoulder. Due to their size, they are ideal companions for going out or shopping.

Are WOC Bags the ideal companions?

Luxury fashion manufacturers such as Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Prada, Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs see WOC Bags as the ideal entry-level bags, because their prices from around 500 euros upwards are significantly lower than those of classic bags, which can quickly cost 2500 euros and more. WOC Bags could thus establish themselves as a comparatively inexpensive entry into the world of luxury fashion labels.  

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Are WOC bags handy?

WOCs are elegant and timeless, but quite small. If you only need space for lipstick, keys, telephone, money, a WOC bag is the perfect companion. Thus a WOC is also an ideal travel companion on a city trip.

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What are the best WOC brands?

The luxury segment is firmly in the hands of major French labels such as Chanel or Saint Laurent. But the other luxury brands such as Prada, Gucci, Balenciaga and Chloé also offer great models. Whether you prefer the modern, fresh look of the Saint Laurent WOC with its logo or the timeless feel of Chanel’s Take is ultimately a question of taste and money. In addition, many other houses have also jumped on the bandwagon in the meantime and offer entry-level models* from around 100$

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Shall I buy a WOC bag?

Anyone who wants to combine style and elegance in an ideal way, who can also organise or reduce themselves due to their size, will not go wrong with the purchase of a WOC bag.  Of course, there are also great alternatives for everyone else. 

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