After studying many tests we have decided for the Canon G7X Mark II The combination of light output, dynamic range, weight and price was decisive for the purchase.

Here is the Canon G7X Mark II for us, because with a weight of around 300 grams, a price of around 500 euros, a focal length of 24 – 100mm completely sufficient for 90% of the photos we take while traveling. The camera is often referred to as a pocket camera. This is not the case, because a trouser pocket cannot replace a protective cover.

What is better, a smartphone or a compact camera?

A question of faith after smartphones have become more and more technically advanced in recent years and have made life difficult for classic compact devices. Nevertheless, a compact camera usually does have,

an optical zoom
higher image quality
Simply more light output
a higher dynamic range
a faster release
a better autofocus
selective depth of field
many manual settings
large and manageable controls and buttons
more battery life when taking pictures
a folding display and / or an optical viewfinder,

as opposed to a smartphone. To make this clear at this point, we also use the smartphone for photography in many everyday situations. You don’t always have a compact camera with you. 

The Canon G7X Mark II in use in South Africa

The Canon G7X Mark II – the best travel camera 2019, has it proven itself? We used it in Canon G7X Mark II for 2 weeks in South Africa under different conditions. Both landscape and portrait shots were taken. We also had the Canon G7X Mark II on a safari. Most of the photos were taken in automatic mode, as it usually had to be fast and we are more hobby photographers.

We are impressed by the quality of the pictures. The Canon G7X Mark II was easy to handle and fulfilled our requirements. But there were also small points that disturbed us:

In use was a camera case in black from Hama with which will not be satisfied. But this was less due to the bag, which is well made and robust, than to our misjudgement. The Canon G7X Mark II is too heavy for this bag and the wearing comfort on the belt is suboptimal. ( look for the best camera cases* ) 
The adjustment rings on the top of the camera are smooth which is good per se. However, we have experienced more than once that the rings – in hectic use – adjust themselves
The Canon G7X Mark II is not a video camera. Noises like the zoom are audible. 

Pictures from New York with the Canon G7X Mark II


For us “amateur photographers” the Canon G7X Mark II was the right choice for South Africa, because the camera is fast and uncomplicated and the automatic mode is worth its weight in gold.

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