Food & Dining

Serendipity Guest House & Restaurant – a stroke of luck in Wilderness

The Serendipity Guest House & Restaurant in Wilderness can confidently be described as a stroke of luck for all lovers of sophisticated cuisine and living. Excellent South African and international cuisine combined with luxurious living on the Touw River offer a pleasure of the extra class. It is not without reason that the Serendipity Guest House & Restaurant is one of the Top 100 in South Africa.


Grosvenor House Dubai – an oasis to feel good

Dubai, the city of superlatives – probably nowhere else in the world can you find top sights, beach and sea and a modern infrastructure in such a small space. This is reflected in the hotel industry again. Hardly any city has more high-end hotels than Dubai. A near perfect compromise is the 5 star hotel, Grosvenor House Hotel. It combines city hotel with beach access in an ideal way.