Beach Box Sylt

A burger revelation on Sylt- burger pleasure in the Beach Box Sylt


Located directly at the dune entrance in Westerland, the Beach Box offers a burger experience of the finest.

Beach Box Sylt

With cult beach music, great burgers and crispy fries are served at the window of the beach stall. Those who want to stay longer will find seating in front of the Beach Box. But be careful, the Beach Box is not a burger restaurant to linger in, but a cult beach stall for the small or big hunger in between – and that is worth it in any case, because compared to McDonalds and Co. these burgers are a revelation. ( Book your accommodation on Sylt )*


A wide variety of burgers are offered. From classic hamburgers and cheeseburgers to unusual creations with chilli, sheep’s cheese or vegetarian. Crispy French fries can also be ordered. Everything freshly prepared and perfectly packaged. There is also the discreet hint that a burger only tastes good when eaten by hand (i.e. not with a knife and fork). For the inexperienced, there is a crash course on how to wrap the burger in such a way that it succeeds.

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There are soft drinks, beer and coffee.


The order is placed at the counter, noted down and the guest is called as soon as the meal is ready. The team is extremely friendly and helpful.


The Beach Box is located directly behind the dune – this guarantees a beach feeling. In addition there is cult beach music. Only the limited seating is disturbing – but the Beach Box is not a restaurant.

Price / Performance

Burgers cost between 5 and 9 Euro – compared to McDonalds and Co. a bargain in taste.

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