Hiking in Meransen - Hiking on the Schellenbergsteig to the Seefeldsee lake
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Best Hiking Tip in Meransen – Hiking on the Schellenbergsteig to the Seefeldsee lake

You are on vacation in Meransen and are looking for a hike with a great panorama? The hike should be challenging, but not overwhelm you? Then try the tour over the Schellenbergsteig to the Seefeldsee. You will be thrilled!

You will discover in this article:
  • What makes the Schellenbergsteig special.
  • What are the options.
  • Why the Schellenbergsteig is the perfect tour for you.

The hike to Seefeldsee is one of the most popular in the hiking area Gitschberg-Jochtal. The route suggested here requires surefootedness and a head for heights. Nevertheless, it is a route that can be easily mastered by most hikers.

Two routes are available for you to choose from:

  1. Start at the valley station Gitschberg Jochtal – Schellenbergsteig – Seefeldsee – Altfasstal – valley station Gitschberg Jochtal
  2. Start at the parking lot Altfasstal – Seefeldsee – Schellenbergsteig – valley station Gitschberg Jochtal – Altfasstal

Via the Schellenbergsteig to the Seefeldsee lake.

We had decided to start at the Gitschberg valley station. For one thing, our hotel in Meransen was only 200m from the valley station. For another, we shied away from the long climb through the Altfass valley. So our hike started after a short ride at the top station of the Gitschberg cable car. If that’s too “easy” for you, you can also start at the bottom station and begin the ascent to the Gitschberg.

At the top station, take hiking trail no. 21 in the direction of Seefeldsee and hike past the Zasslerhütte to Ochsenboden. Alternatively, you can climb up to the Gitschhütte and hike along a small mule track to the Ochsenboden. From Ochsenboden, hiking trail no. 6 leads through natural mountain meadows to the wooden Weißalm.

This is where the Schellenbergsteig begins. You need to be free from giddiness and sure-footed, because the narrow climb crosses very steeply sloping grassy slopes and leads over some rocky passages, some of which are secured with ropes. However, it is not too difficult. Experienced hikers with normal conditions should have no problems. All the more important are good shoes and sufficient food. Hikers with flip-flops (there were quite a few) are really out of place here.

On the way you have picturesque views of the Altfasstal and the surrounding mountains that will make your heart beat faster. At the end of the Schellenbergsteig you will see the rock-enclosed Großer Seefeldsee flashing in the sun. After a short descent you will reach the lake.

Here you can decide whether you still want to climb to the small and medium Seefeldsee (through the Seefeldscharte) or start the way back through the Altfasstal.

Way back via the Altfasstal

We had decided to skip the further ascent and to start the way back via the Altfasstal. From the Großer Seefeldsee you follow the quite steeply sloping path No. 15 to the Wieserhütte. The way down is arduous, especially after the 2 hours of walking on the Schellenbergsteig.

A stop at the Wieserhütte is a MUST! Not only because you can rest your tired legs, but because you can enjoy the best bacon dumplings with cabbage in the inviting restaurant or on the terrace. In general, the food is first class – for us one of the best huts in the entire area.

From the Wieserhütte, the wide trail No. 15 leads through the extensive alpine pasture terrain of the elongated Altfass valley without any significant differences in altitude.  At the end you reach the large hikers’ parking lot, from where we hiked back on trail no. 6 to the valley station of the Gitschberg cable car. If you want to make this rather long way back faster, you can rent a bike at the Wieserhütte. ( very popular )

The walking time is about 4 hours and you cover about 18km.

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Why should you do the hike over the Schellenbergsteig?

The hike to Seefeldsee via Schellenbergsteig combines great panoramas, challenging trails and good gastronomy. With about 5 hours walking time it is not too demanding. If you are not afraid of the narrow passages and the view into the valley, you should not miss this experience.

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