XCO Training – Is it as effective as it is advertised?

XCO® TRAINING makes everyone sweat!

XCO Training – Is it as effective as it is advertised?

A new training method is currently making the rounds, the XCO TRAINING. Having first made its way into top-class sport and rehabilitation, it is now continuing its triumphal march in popular sport.

What is XCO TRAINING and what makes it so effective?

An XCO®* (“XCO”) is a long aluminium tube filled to two thirds with loose slate granulate. This mass moves with a time delay during movement and thus produces a reactive effect. This effect is described as the XCO effect. The XCO TRAINING is suitable for almost everyone because it can be learned very quickly and can be dosed individually. Through the back and forth movement of the flywheel mass inside the XCOs® you immediately receive an acoustic feedback during your training and can also get an idea of the correct use of the training device.

The advantages of training at a glance:

  • it is a total body workout and trains arms, shoulders, stomach and back during running,
  • it relieves tension and improves the running style
  • it is an ideal fat burning training and has a body firming effect
  • it is suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • a group and/or individual training is possible
  • it includes an acoustic training control and can be dosed individually

The XCO TRAINING was tried out in combination with a Flexibar* workout as part of the warm-up and strength program. It should be noted here that XCO TRAINING is indeed much more effective than a conventional Flexibar workout. Sweating and aching muscles are almost guaranteed.



What XCO Training forms of training are there?

XCO training is available for walking, running, indoor and group fitness.

XCO WALKING is suitable for everyone. It protects the joints and offers an optimal, ideally dosable training effect. In addition, the XCO dumbbells can be used for effective strengthening and coordination exercises, which are not possible without dumbbells.

The XCO RUNNING combines pure running with the XCO® effect, making the XCO® RUNNING a healthy and very effective whole body sport. If you are well-trained, you can significantly increase the intensity of your training by running, but even when running with the XCO-Trainer it is important to work technically clean.

In the group fitness area, the XCO dumbbells can be used or combined with aerobic and step elements or as a replacement for the Flexibar.

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